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Welcome to Williamsville Community Education

Throughout the year the Williamsville Central Schools are a place to explore, expand and enjoy, with over 10,000 residents participating in the edVentures program.  From preschoolers to adults, our program offers a wide variety of courses appealing to the community's ever changing interests and needs.

To view our catalog, click on the Browse button (located at the top left) and choose an area of interest to you.  Check out our Health and Fitness, Personal Enrichment, Trips and Travel, Arts, Youth Programs and more!

Here are some returning favorites and new classes to discover starting the week of November 18th.

Stop The Bleeding After An Injury, What Everyone Needs To Know
Self Growth And The Art Of Singing
Laser Fridays -Laser U2
Mindful Stress Management
Go Crack An Egg
Dream Messages
Tactical Flashlight and Pen Self-Defense

To see all our Fall classes, check out our online catalog!

Pictured below is our most recent catalog. Don't have a catalog?
Call our office and we'll mail one to you

are also available at all Amherst Libraries,
Williamsville school offices and the Community Ed office.

You can register for any class right up until the start date.
Keep in mind that the earlier you register,there is a less likely chance of a class being canceled due to low enrollment.  Classes with a low enrollment will be canceled 2-3 business days before the class start date.

Our best ideas come from you!  
If there is a class you are interested in attending that we do not offer 
or if you would like to teach with us, we'd love to hear from you!  
Please contact or office at 626-8080 or email us at

so we can help get you started.