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Welcome to Williamsville Community Education
Throughout the year the Williamsville Central Schools are a place to explore, expand and enjoy, with over 10,000 residents participating in the edVentures program.  
From preschoolers to adults, our program offers a wide variety of courses
appealing to the community's ever changing interests and needs.
Catalogs are always available at all Amherst Libraries, Williamsville Schools and the Community Education office. 

Mark Your Calendar...
Summer Registration to begin April 10th

See What's Coming Up 3/20-3/26
9 Hour ACT Prep Class
Defensive Driving 
Developing A Plan For Long Term Care 
Scout Night At The Planetarium
Scuba Challenge #3 - Let's Play
Spring Button Tree
Springtime Flower Pots


American Red Cross CPR/AED - 4/12   6pm-9pm
American Red Cross CPR/AED - 6/1    6pm-9pm

 NEW!!!  You can now purchase gift cards on our site. 
Click on Buy egift Card in the upper right hand corner. 
Fill out the information and the gift card will be emailed to you.  Easy to use!  

           Great ideas for birthdays, special occasions and holiday gifts!

You can register for any class right up until the start date.
The earlier you register, the less likely a chance of a class being canceled due to low enrollment.

Our best ideas come from you!  
If there is a class you are interested in attending that we do not offer or if you would like to teach with us, we'd love to hear from you!  Please contact or office at 626-8080 or email us at